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Politics in the United States is dominated by two major parties, the Republicans and the Democrats. There are also a number of smaller parties, including the Libertarians, the Greens, and the Constitution Party. The president is the head of state and the head of government, and is elected every four years. The current president is Barack Obama, a Democrat.

The current state of US politics

The current state of US politics is highly polarized. The two major political parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, are at loggerheads with each other. This has led to a situation where the government is often gridlocked and unable to get anything done. The American people are fed up with this state of affairs and are demanding change.

The Trump presidency

The Trump presidency has been mired in controversies from the very beginning. From allegations of collusion with Russia to multiple investigations into his business dealings, Trump has had a tough time shaking off the controversies surrounding him. And with the 2020 presidential election fast approaching, it remains to be seen whether he will be able to make a convincing case for another four years in office.

The Mueller investigation

The Mueller investigation is a Special Counsel investigation led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller into Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections, including any links or coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, “and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation”.

The investigation began in May 2017, and has been ongoing since then. In July 2018, Mueller indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers for hacking activities during the 2016 election. In February 2018, Mueller indicted 13 Russian individuals and three Russian companies for allegedly interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. These are the only indictments that have been made public so far.

The Kavanaugh confirmation

Most Americans know that Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to the Supreme Court by President Donald Trump, but the details of his confirmation have been widely debated. Some say that Kavanaugh’s temporary seat on the court should not be filled until after the midterm elections, while others believe he should be confirmed as soon as possible. The Senate Judiciary Committee has already begun its hearings on Kavanaugh’s nomination, and a vote is expected to take place in the near future.

The impact of US politics on the world

The United States of America is undeniably a world superpower, and its politics has a significant impact on world affairs. US politics is currently undergoing a major upheaval, with various factions vying for control. This can be seen as a positive or negative development, depending on your perspective. In this article, we’ll explore the different aspects of US politics and its impact on the world.

The trade war with China

The trade war with China is one of the most significant foreign policy challenges facing the United States today.

The United States and China are the world’s two largest economies, and they are deeply intertwined. The United States exports more to China than it does to any other country, and China is the largest source of imports for the United States.

The trade war began in 2018 when the Trump administration began imposing tariffs on Chinese imports in an effort to reduce the U.S. trade deficit with China. The tariffs have led to retaliatory tariffs from China, and the two countries have been locked in a tit-for-tat battle ever since.

The trade war has had a significant impact on both economies. In the United States, it has led to higher prices for consumers and businesses and has put pressure on companies that rely on Chinese exports. In China, the trade war has slows down economic growth and has caused hardship for companies that export to the United States.

The trade war is also having broader geopolitical consequences. It is undermining U.S. relations with key allies who are caught in the middle, such as Canada and Europe. And it is giving an opening for Russia and other countries to fill the void left by the United States as a global leader.

The Iran nuclear deal

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal or Iran deal, is an international agreement reached in 2015 between the Islamic Republic of Iran and a group of world powers: the P5+1 (the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council—the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and France—plus Germany) and the European Union.

The Paris climate agreement

The Paris climate agreement is an international agreement to control and limit climate change. The goal of the agreement is to keep the global temperature from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The United States was one of the first countries to sign the agreement, but President Donald Trump has said he wants to withdraw from it.


In conclusion, the current state of US politics is a mess. The two major parties are at each other’s throats, and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. The country is divided on many key issues, and it seems like nothing can bring us together. We can only hope that cooler heads will prevail and that our political system will eventually return to some semblance of normalcy.

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