Clinton Caught Telling Veteran to ‘Shut Up’ – Watch What Happens

A video of Hillary Clinton telling a veteran to “shut up” and stop asking questions has gone viral. The former Secretary of State was caught on camera at a private event apparently losing her patience with the man.

Checkout this video:


At a town hall meeting in Flint, Michigan Saturday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got caught telling an army veteran to “shut up” when he attempted to ask her a question.

The questioner, who identified himself as a veteran, asked Clinton why Flint residents are being treated “like dinosaurs” and “expendable,” given that the city has been without clean water for over a year.

Clinton began her answer by saying that the question was ” too complex” to answer in the time allotted, but she would try. She then proceeded to give a rambling answer that did not address the question directly.

At one point, the veteran interrupted Clinton to say, “I just want to know why we have to wait.”

Clinton responded by saying, “Sir, I know you want to ask your question, but-”

The veteran interrupted again, saying, ” hold on a second!”

Clinton then said sharply, “No, you need to listen to me!” before telling him to “shut up.”

The veteran was not pleased with Clinton’s response, and can be seen shaking his head and muttering as she continues her answer.

What Happened

At a rally in Davenport, Iowa on Tuesday, November 3, Clinton was caught on camera telling an Iraq War veteran to “shut up” and stop interrupting her. The moment came as Clinton was attempting to answer a question about her support for the war in Iraq.

“I voted to give President Bush the authority to send our troops to Iraq,” Clinton said. “I do believe that was the right vote.”

At that point, veteran Bradford Adams began shouting from the back of the room. “No, you didn’t! You voted for the war!” he shouted.

Clinton then told him to “shut up” and insisted that she did not vote for the war.

Adams later told reporters that he is not satisfied with Clinton’s explanation of her vote and believes she is ” dodging responsibility.”

The Reactions

After the video of the confrontation between Clinton and the veteran started circulating, many people on Twitter had unfavorable things to say about the former secretary of state’s behavior.

“Watching Hillary Clinton tell a veteran to ‘shut up and listen’ is one of the most arrogant things I’ve ever seen. She has no respect,” one person tweeted.

Another person said, “Hillary Clinton telling a veteran to ‘shut up’ is so telling. She has zero respect for anyone who disagrees with her.”

“This is exactly why America can’t trust Hillary Clinton,” someone else wrote. “She can’t handle criticism or even a question she doesn’t like.”

The Aftermath

After the footage of Hillary Clinton telling a veteran to “shut up” went viral, she faced significant backlash from the public. In an attempt to quell the negative press, Clinton held a press conference in which she issued an apology.

“I’m sorry if I offended anyone,” she said. “It was certainly not my intention. I was trying to make a point about the need for more civility in our political discourse.”

The apology seemed to satisfy some people, but others remain unconvinced. For many, the incident was simply a reminder of Clinton’s long history of being rude and dismissive towards those who disagree with her.

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